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Avoid TDS deduction submit form 15G/H :- Dear Customer,Per new Income Tax Law nominal/members are subject to TDS deduction on Bank Deposits.To avoid TDS deduction submit form 15G/H yearly,if applicable. Service Tax :- As per Govt. of India Notification, Service Tax on banking Services stands revised from 12.36% to 14.00% from 01-jun-2015. New Service Tax rate will be applicable on all bills generated on or after 1st June, 2015.



Chairman's Message

The Bank has completed successful 16 years of its establishment and running in the 17th year. During all these years the Bank has provided unique banking services to the lower and middle class of women of the area of operation. The bank has provided loans&advances to the needy women who comes from the lower and middle class of the society, and made them economically viable. Thus the bank has played an important role in the uplifment of women of Ahmedabad. The Bank has made excellent progress inspite of the critical situation prevailing in the cooperative banking sector since 2002 onwards.

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Stamp Franking facility available. | Safe Deposit Vault locker facility provided. | Demand Draft facility available.