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Bank History

The Bapunagar Mahila Co-operative Bank Ltd. has been registered under Gujarat Co-operative Societies Act,1961 on 12-06-1998 and allotted Registration No. Se-30301. After getting the registration, the promoters under the leadership of Smt. Lilaben K. Kothia a social worker and Shri Kanubhai B. Kothia Ex. MLA, and a veteran co-operator made extensive efforts to obtain licence under section 22 of the banking Regulation Act, 1949(AACS). Reserve Bank of India has granted licence to The Bapunagar Mahila Co?operative Bank on 24-10-1998, and allotted Licence No. Gujarat 1648 P for commencing banking business . After obtaining the licence, the bank has completed necessary formalities and commenced baking business from 02-01-1999.

The Bank has been organised particularly for the benefit of women and it is run by the women directors. There are in all 12 Directors in Board including two Professional Directors -one Chartered Accountant and one Advocate. The area of operation of the bank is limited to the area of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and 10 km. surrounding to it.

The Bank has completed successful 16 years of its establishment and running in the 17th year. During all these years the Bank has provided unique banking services to the lower and middle class of women of the area of operation. The bank has provided loans&advances to the needy women who comes from the lower and middle class of the society, and made them economically viable. Thus the bank has played an important role in the uplifment of women of Ahmedabad. The Bank has made excellent progress inspite of the critical situation prevailing in the cooperative banking sector since 2002 onwards.

The Bank has fulfilled all the parameters and regularity norms provided by the Reserve Bank of India. The management of the bank provides effective leadership and efficient administration keeping in view the main purpose of transparency. The progress achieved by the bank within short span of time can be attributed to the collaborative and collective efforts made by the management and team work of its employees.